In Times Of Triage III - Urgence Médico​-​Psychologique

by The Backup Razor

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released August 15, 2011



all rights reserved


The Backup Razor Santa Cruz, California

Driven by a genuine passion for expression, TBR has a resume that would put some of the most tenured bands to shame. Sharing stage with literally hundreds of artists at myriads of venues, they have become an established entity across the region as a member and driver on the local scene.

Jesse Williams - vocals
Nick Hardesty - guitar
Jeff Badagliacca - bass
Jonathan Mumma - drums
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Track Name: History Is Prologue
decide to sort through all of these lies
i see nothing
you can tell exactly what i mean
through words and feelings
time after time
you gave us all your problems
you gave us our solutions
you asked us all the questions
you gave us all the answers
you fed us all your products
you laid it all upon us
backup razor
circle pit time
all our lives
you decide what is right
not this time
yeah you look gullible
Track Name: Caught In Existence
you'll never stay
you'll never ever stay
you'll never stay
you'll never go away
walking back and forth
i'm caught in existence
twisting every way
but i can't complain about a thing
go give me time to take back sunshine
hoping you're wrong
hoping you're right
hoping you're wrong
just open up your eyes
hoping you're wrong
hoping you're right
hoping you're wrong
no time for compromise
we're building and pillaging
consuming and looting
we're using this planet, it's ours for the taking
we're taking this planet for all that it's fucking worth
Track Name: With Love And Squalor
please take away this empathy that set me free
it's something special to believe
please take away misanthropy
you could be so much more
(we've lost control)
i know that you could have your way
(but she won't let it go)
or maybe you already do
everything that you want to
say no more
awaken to the sound of screaming sirens in the night
i wish you farewell
now may the world fall before you
and believe me i know you'll find a way
you fell today this empty feeling
now that you lose our souls embrace
you've found a way and it's receding
the warmth you gave to me
and when you see me just turn and walk away
and believe me i know you'll find a way this empty
feeling you can't escape and it's deceiving
the things you say to me
at least your breathing
one more fucking day
Track Name: Krakatoa
he woke up yesterday and
didn't know what he could say
to explain his feelings to his friends and to his family about the problems that we're
causing his bones to decay
and all the years that he had
seemingly just thrown away
he didn't think that he could bring himself to tell them that they we're part of why he felt so helpless
he didn't think that he bring himself to show them
in his captivity just going through the motions
now he's completely lost all faith in humanity
and he can't help but feel that
somehow he has been betrayed
lifetime of problems has a simple solution
he pulls the trigger in an act of defiance
life's fucking funny when it comes at you from behind forces you down in the mud and rips your pants off life's fucking funny when the only one you trusted takes you by the heart and promptly sets it a blaze
god is a fucking myth
hallelujah his judgment is upon us
you've got to just exist
don't give a fucking shit
what anyone else thinks
what anyone else says
life is a fucking joke
time will destroy us all
be nothing or all
Track Name: 12
with torches lit
we've come to burn this bridge
that's what you get
you'll pay for every sin
used up excuses
used up your lies
twelve broken promises
no more alibis
i've been giving you chances all of my life
you've been taking advantage all of my life
Track Name: This Solution
every now and then
you find someone who's not just faking
every now and then
you find a friend who's got your back
and you've got to love them
you've got to show
how much you want to fuck them
and you should complete them
you've got to show how much you really care
sometimes your life can be like you're walking alone
in a dark forest where everything is strange
but add you friends and it's not so bad
we've got to work together
feelings will heal just fine
we've got to love each other until the end of time
we've got solutions
we've got the time
we've got to fuck you fuck you and everything will be just fine