In Times Of Triage II - Urgence Relative

by The Backup Razor

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released January 31, 2012



all rights reserved


The Backup Razor Santa Cruz, California

Driven by a genuine passion for expression, TBR has a resume that would put some of the most tenured bands to shame. Sharing stage with literally hundreds of artists at myriads of venues, they have become an established entity across the region as a member and driver on the local scene.

Jesse Williams - vocals
Nick Hardesty - guitar
Jeff Badagliacca - bass
Jonathan Mumma - drums
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Track Name: High Five Hating People
you think you fucking know
you don't know nothing at all
you think you're so special
nobody's coming back for you
Track Name: No Time Like The Present
let's go
this time i'll say it like i mean it
this time i'm going to use my mind
this life will not be taken for granted
this time my time this life my life
this time there's no time like the present
no time to waste no time for lies
this life will not be rotten and rancid
this time my time this life my life
you're using excuses to keep small and sheltered
you huddle in front of your tv for company
nothing is better than prime time in your mind
the more you believe it the more it controls you
you buy what they're selling regardless
of the side effects
the label you're wearing shows how much
you're worthless
you want to belong to a big group for safety
you have to fit in so that no one will make fun of you
Track Name: It's Whorific
the show's gone on for far too long
it's time for change the magics gone
you're staying out till morning comes
trying to find some compassion
then you run and you hide
the sun shines down another day's come for you
you must face the world even if you don't want to
you fight
they give you what you want
take you and fuck you up
bring you back to the front
nothing will fill them up
they want you they love you
they need to be with you
they say you're so special
you're easily fooled
they just want to get inside you
they just need to bleed you dry
running and hiding the sun keeps on shining
Track Name: Money As An Incentive Is Bullshit
done with the sight of you
done with the sound of you
done with the things you do
done with the way you move
done with your point of view
done with decisions too
done with forgiving you
done with all of you
done with disappointment
i tried to think what i could do or say to
make you see but i don't know
but all i know is we want you to wake up
why wont you realize?
the problem with society is monetary based economy
profiting off war and poverty
designed to keep us on our knees
upholding existing institutions
elitism and bigotry
materialistic industry designed to perpetuate need
fascism socialism capitalism communism
money labor and competition is all leading to mass corruption
profit versus efficiency abundance & sustainability
intelligent management of earths resources
fighting established power structures 
our personal beliefs are meaningless when it comes to necessity of life
this system's here to keep us stupid subdued subservient inline
politics are useless
religions are cages
our race is all humanity
our country is the world
our purpose is to do good with the will of all the people and their refusal to participate the system has to fail
we drink we smoke
we fuck we fight
we know someday we're gonna die
it doesn't bother us at all
what bothers us is ignorance
because we've got all the scars that prove
we've got the will to shine through
and we want every fucking thing
but we'll take just what we need
they hold it above us
they're taking it from us
Track Name: I Like My Women Like I Like My Cheetos... Like Hot
i don't care what you say
even if you run you will never get away
even if you try you won't find me
you will try mother fucker
all this time you pushed us all aside 
you pushed us
blind to what's right before you
you will regret this day
tried to wake you and warn you
but you weren't listening
blind to what's right in fucking front of you
Track Name: Hardly Harley Quinn
cuz that's what i said
and that's what nick said
it's what jesus said
and jonathan said
that's what wes vito and all of us said
time slows slightly
exhale with the setting sun
don't breathe till morning
inhale at dawn
we live to suffer
we live to die
i look into your eyes
remember all the pain
i stare into you face
then hang my head in shame
what i could have done for you
and what you could have done for me
i have a history of years not knowing what to say
you think that you've got all the answers
but you're wrong
we think that we've got all the answers
but we're wrong
and if this world ever brings you down
i'll pick you up and save you
now you gotta learn to pick a side
look beyond your fucking pride
i'm drawing from what i know
and everything that is killing you
you said your piece
the times have changed
no one hears me anyway
no kidding?
you won't break me